Digital Product Management

Improving the future by building bridges between stakeholders
Passion for the future
  • Collecting and analysing of analytics data to help inform better decision making and support the team goal of continuous improvement
  • Seeing and seizing the changes brought up by digital transformations without ignoring possible risks
  • Enjoying cultural differences in global teamwork
  • Developing common grounds and exploring hidden possibilities
  • Combining business and technical competencies with excellent team communication, conflict resolution and storytelling skills
  • Comfortable in an international environment and experienced working with distributed teams
Outside the box
  • Finding solutions beyond prevailing wisdom
  • Focusing on tangible positive results, regardless of circumstances
  • Staying agile in working, planning, and decision-making

Self-directed problem-solver

Frederike Peters excels at taking up challenges, breaking them down into their components and getting the right people on board to ensure success.